Monday, July 30, 2007

The Unique Difference – "The Aware Ego"

“The Aware Ego”

“The Aware Ego”A unique faculty that is usually dormant in most people.

With the full awakening of “The Aware Ego” you have the ability to instantly access the energy of any subpersonality that you choose. At will you can feel playful, cheerful, happy, strong, confident, joyful or peaceful.

Or, if the circumstances require it, you can draw upon the energy within you that is goal oriented, focused and independent, courageous and loving.

It’s not a matter of denying what is already inside you. It’s a matter of bringing new powers to the surface by understanding your personality, then embracing and accepting all of it. In doing so, you become fully conscious of all parts of your being, and can therefore experience what you essentially are, something perhaps you were never conscious of before.

With “The Aware Ego” you can access the “True Self or Higher Self ”, the state of being wise people throughout the ages have spoken and written so eloquently about.

With the awakening of “The Aware Ego”, you have the ability to use the full range of potentials and abilities to create your life in the way you want it to be. You have the power to lead a fully experienced life, not in the limited sense that is accepted by most people.



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