Apple Bites

I'm innovative. I prefer to say Apple Bites then my up comings. 

Apple bites is column where all my upcoming and in progress projects would be shared, people interested to participate, suggest or to volunteer are welcome and can reach me at

Ongoing Projects:

We Need Justice - A social Community to voice the unjust. 
VzoomIn - HR & Training Consulting Company.
Standout - A helping hand to Job seekers. (Brand of VzoomIn)
MyJobspot - An open platform for company and and job seekers to connect. 
Animaltarian - A love affair with Animals.
Brained Trained - Brain Challenge Zone
Empower Someone - Idea is to empower not just self but others too.  
Network Expansion - Meet the connection on network.
HumanR - HR Community.
ALBUM Meet - ALL LinkedIn Business Uberty Member Meet (Hardcore Real meetups).
All Women's Club - Women of today and real meet.

Upcoming Projects:
Trainer's Video Channel - Working in Progress
Campus Guru - Graduate open door.
Social Sorceress - Working in Progress
Young Antra - Platform for young entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneurs Association 

If you are looking at Internship, Volunteering or freelancing on my project. just drop in an email on my Id "".  kindly be specific subject with the project name in subject and in the cover letter answer the below points, rour CV is my last concern for my projects, below is what matters.

1) Who are you?
2) What is it that you got can make a difference?
3) Paid or Unpaid - what difference does it make to you? 
4) What is it the you look in workplace to be at?
5) Are you 9 - 5 standard model employee or someone who like to in and get things done.
6) Are you creative? ( describe yourself in 3 line and prove your creativity)
7) The real thing - write 250 words story on this "I don't give a damn about you if you have no respect for people around you!" 
8) Do you clean you own mess or someone else does it for you? 
9) what do you know about social media and the meaning to it in your own definition ? 5 line may do!
10) 2 line on each would do in your own definition ( keep off from Google, Wikipedia or search engine on this part) 

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

11) Define in your own definition what the below word means to you.  ( keep off from Google, Wikipedia or search engine on this part) 
  • Women
  • Children
  • Business Plan
  • Boss
  • Employee
  • Social cause
  • Work
  • Poverty 

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