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Premiere and Non Premiere Campuses Hiring's Trends

All sector seeks fresh graduate because they cost low, less demanding, can play multiple roles, easily managed and hard working

  • Cost Low: new joiner they are cost effective to the hiring organizations which helps the cost cutting within organization.
  • Less demanding: fresh graduate know they need to buildup there space and their skills,they are yet to discover their right place at which they can work and fix their required skills, which is why they tend to cost less then the experienced joiner.
  • Can play multiple roles: off course they know it’s an asset doing multiple tasking profiles as they are inexperienced plus they would want to explore more option what they are best capable off, but at the same time they do not realize the degrading effect to their own work profile.
  • Easily managed: Organizations realize the new joiner would be easier to handle the ones with no experience then the ones with experience.
  • Hard Working: New joiner workers harder than the experienced one because they are stepping in to create their space in the job marketing, plus they need good experience and quality work to grow within the organization and keeping themselves valuable for the industry.

However major industry sectors that hire fresh graduates are:

·         Marketing 
·         Consulting
·         Sales
·         Financial services
·         IT
·         Human Resource
·         Healthcare
·         Telecommunications
·         Customer Services
·         Technical Support
·         Client Servicing
·         Market Research
·         Event & Planning
·         Cyber services
·         Hotel Management
·         Construction

Organizational hiring goes on and on depending on the need and demand of the organization. However with Small sized, medium sized and large organization plus keeping the factor of growth and demand, thus the following chart below can help understand the hiring network flow though the hiring network is vast and has many other channels of hiring but will go the two required networks ‘in house Campus Placement” and :Recruitment Portals like,,, and more’.

Organizations Size
Small sized
medium sized
Large sized
Balanced Growth
campus placements

campus placements

campus placements
recruitment portals
Increased Growth
campus placements

campus placements
recruitment portals
campus placements
recruitment portals
High Growth
campus placements
recruitment portals
campus placements
recruitment portals
campus placements
recruitment portals

Organizations going for premiere campuses: Large Scale organizations have been the highest bidders in the Premiere Campuses, but now the trend has changed even Small and medium scale organization are going for premiere campuses.  Sectors that have been the highest targeting to premiere are below for reference.

Popular job profiles / specific sectors offered to both premiere and non-premiere college graduates

·         Consultant
·         E-commerce
·         Finance - advisory
·         Finance - other
·         General management
·         IT / technology
·         Marketing
·         Operations / Manufacturing
·         Sales & development
·         Strategic planning
·         Supply chain / logistics
·         Other

Pre-placement offers (PPO) provided by organizations: In majority of cases this takes place with premiere campuses, however in other cases where the fresh graduate has done the internship in organization and has shown interest plus has performed well are normally referred and are recommended for PPO’s.

Popular salaries in premiere and non premiere campuses –
·         In premiere that’s goes minimum 18lac plus to 60lac plus in Average to high band salary annually, but in few cases even more in India
·         In non premiere that’s goes from minimum 8lac plus to 16lac plus in Average to high band salary annually.
Average and median salaries offered: 
·         In non premiere campuses 4lac to 8lac annually.

·         In premiere campuses 11lac to 30lac annually. 

article Sourced in from LinkedIn


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