Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy Independence Day

Freedom – a single word but means everything to everyone!

People fought for it, many sacrificed, many died, too all those courageous people who became a part of it and helped us stand where we are today , to let us breathe the free air of our freedom in this country I salute to them and their courage.

we may have our freedom today, but many of us do not deserve it because we are not playing any part in this country, come forward fight for it to keep the freedom of being alive, fight for the wrong, realize your voice and support all the cause that helps keep your freedom, may it be voting, against corruption, or our dirty politicians.

“There is no place like hell; it’s the people who lives there makes it hell. “

Value your freedom and your rights; learn to take responsibility of your freedom, Nothing comes free. 

Happy Independence day to all

Mehar Bhagat


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