Wednesday, September 24, 2014

GooglePlus Profile Statistics Nausea

 it just another statistics nausea that you got or the entire system got memory loss issue hanging around the neck these days? 

Isn't it hard to define that when it comes to Google Plus, with so much evolving all the time at Google plus its getting hard to know whether it is the correct thing either its a glitch.

Yeah, well I'm not sure. But the thing is my Google Profile stats got my eyeballs rolling 360 Degree. Being not much into stats it did not kill me but yes got my hand itching on my head.

My Google Plus Profile Stats got some unusual activity going on,

On 20th September 2014 
My Profile stats had : 16,559 Followers | 5,33,329 Views Up

On 23rd September 2014 
My Profile stats had : 16,579 Followers | 4,67,298 Views Down 

On 24th September 2014 
My Profile stats had : 16,564 Followers | 4,66,569 Views Down

Well Something went wrong or is cooking up or is just a glitch? 

I wouldn't say this is the first time I saw this, I remember seeing this issue prior to this but the profile view stats difference was only 300 views, well I can't ignore this one because it has the difference of 66,760 Views and that's just not normal at all. 


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