Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Common Communication Mistakes

Communication has its own importance in all aspects of life. Communication becomes easy only when the information is exchanged. Many of us make several mistakes in communication. Such mistakes are always unnoticed by us so we never get a chance to correct these.

Some very common communication mistakes that we make every day

1. Talking fast and rapidly:
This is the most common mistake a person makes while communicating with others. While talking too fast makes the listener gets impatient and confused.

2. Talking too much:
The proverb “empty vessel makes more noise”, will be the best match for this mistake. Usage of short verbal conversation is always appreciated and welcomed every where when its to the point.

3. Basic verbal etiquette:
While conversing with others basic manners and etiquette has to be followed. The conversation will loose its values if it does not have mannered words in them, like using slang and short abbreviated form.

4. Negative body language:
Negative body postures and signs make the listener irritant and unease to listen or communicate with. So to make the communication more brilliant negative body languages should be avoided.

5. Avoid Monologue Conversation:
While having a conversation, avoid dominating your partner or listener. Give him/her the opportunity to share their opinion. Never go for a monologue way of conversation.

6. Interruption:
For a good communication, avoid interrupting in the middle when one person is talking. When a person is talking try to listen and understand and then ask excuse for the interrupting and then tell your suggestions or comments. Otherwise wait for him/her to finish and then share your thoughts.

7. Contradicting talks:
Never bring in contradiction during a conversation, especially when talking with the higher authorities or your own boss. This may cause unnecessary troubles and misunderstanding.

8. Poor contribution:
There are few people who listen and take information from others, but never contribute their suggestions. This is also a big communication mistake, because the communication again turns to monologue patterns.

9. Undesired advises:
There are people who give immediate advises for any problem told by others. So, the listener may again get restless and the communication is finally end. So, even while suggesting advise see that whether it is really required or not.

10. Loose talks:
Avoid talking unnecessary matters. Talk only to the pertained topic. This saves time and energy for both conversing people.

11. Vocabulary blunders:
Its also good to keep your vocabulary skills updated, so its not advisable to use words for which you do not know the meaning.


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