Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Hidden Gurus

I know the word guru is so over rated but I value it for the meaning it has, which is why I’m very peculiar about who I mention as my guru, for me there has been only one guru since my childhood, what I learned has always been on my mind and has made a great deal of value in my life which happened to be my need. 

The very fact about hidden gurus and their teachings has been reformed with new write up shared by most of the current authors, they talk about strategy, management, sales, leadership and what not but the origin of the content is beyond the age we live in however the content has been modified over the time period according to need and the new proving resources. 

Sometime the right teaching is misguided; funny it just like a game that we all played in our childhood to whisper something in someones  ear - e.g: ‘I said I can do but I need to work hard’ and then the last person tells me that I said ‘I cannot do it because I cannot work hard’ see how the story changes, the same goes with gurus, the learning has to be complete but not need based.   

So when we follow a guru it’s more important to understand and know about the guru that our guru follows, because it changes the dimensions of the art to understand and to get knowledge that we seek to learn and posses, it’s like magic, you need to understand every move and if you miss one then it’s not a magic but public joke. 

The Hidden guru’s has more to say then our guru, because every individual need is different, It is very possible to have a different need to learn which changes the art of the teaching techniques according to the need that an individual has.  


  1. hidden guru is a real guru because it is one with ones concious


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